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WordFUL Wednesday: The Magic of Google Earth

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Even though I’ve frequently visited the Bronx, for some reason, I have never seen the landmarks of my heritage: where my parents lived, where they went to school, where they married.

As the story goes, my parents met in their fourth-grade class. I remember giggling when I first saw the picture, my now short mother standing in the back row, my dad sitting in the front. They grew up in the same neighborhood and attended the same school through junior high. They started dating in college, and the rest is history.

Though they’re not together anymore, I’m still as fascinated now by their history as I was when I was little (probably even more so now), so imagine how excited I was when I finally saw some “historical landmarks” via the magic of Google Earth.

This is where my mom lived in high school. Mom and Daddy spent many hours talking on the steps.

And here is where my mom went to high school. No offense, Mom, but this picture makes me grateful I went to school in Florida.

Seeing these pictures has put me on a new mission to capture photos of places we didn’t previously document. What a wonderful contribution Google Earth will make to my scrapbooks!

7 thoughts on “WordFUL Wednesday: The Magic of Google Earth”

  1. My husband's mother passed away quite a few years ago, and she was buried in the town he grew up in, in Colorado. When he is missing her, he uses Google Earth to look at the house he grew up in and to pinpoint exactly on the map where she is now. It helps him to feel closer to her and I think it is awfully sweet:)

    I tagged you in a silly, yet fun photo tagging post!


  2. I love this — both that these artifacts of your DNA are still standing and that you'll be scrapbooking them. I don't think Google Earth knows a thing about Bunnlevel, NC where my parents met!


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