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Ce-eh-lebrate good food, come on!

Can you tell that I spend a lot of time singing my own versions of songs? It’s a childhood phase I never outgrew.

This was the food scene for the past week.

With the end of Passover, this is the food scene tonight.

So, let’s hear it for the food! Aw, let’s give the food a taa-aa-aaste. Let’s hear it for the flour! You know you gotta understaa-aa-aand. (I can just imagine Hubby rolling his eyes as he reads this post.)

6 thoughts on “Ce-eh-lebrate good food, come on!”

  1. I appreciate your humor. And that takes some guts to not eat flour — for how long is it? (excuse my ignorance πŸ™‚ ) That pizza looks amazing!


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