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Dancing with the NONstars

I interrupt my regularly scheduled programming to be catty about Trash TV…

Remember when Dancing with the Stars featured actual stars? Now it’s Dancing with the Has-Beens and Never-Will-Bes. Still, I watch. And for some reason feel the need to discuss.

First of all, what’s the difference between a figure skating spin and a dance spin? Anyone? Bueller? Evan Lysacek made a comment that the dance spins are opposite of what he’s used to in figure skating. If anyone out there has some insight, please share. Google failed me in my quest for answers.

Brooke Burke, you’re pretty, and you’re better than Samantha Harris (though so is a wet dish rag), but you’re a terrible hostess.

Why won’t Jake the Bachelor get off my TV?!? “Kiss from a Rose” was a cheesy musical selection, but at least it wasn’t “On the Wings of Love.” That song is forever ruined for me. Did anyone else notice Gia in the audience? What was she doing there? Is she BFF with Vienna and Jake now?

Kate Gosselin, while I’m equally tired of you, you looked really pretty. Your hair looks so fab, I almost didn’t recognize you.

Then there’s Buzz Aldrin. The guy walked on the moon. He’s a LEGEND. And they’re letting him make a fool of himself. At least he looked like he was having fun.

Though I really want to extend my cattiness to Pamela Anderson, it’s bad enough her name can now be found on my blog.

This season, I’m rooting for Shannen Doherty (90210 forever, baby!), Aiden Turner (the token soap hunk), and that Pussycat Doll (who I cannot stand, but I luuuurve her partner, Derek Hough).

Did you watch? What do you think? Who has your vote? Don’t let me be catty all by my lonesome.  😉

9 thoughts on “Dancing with the NONstars”

  1. I felt bad for Buzz. He was so cute and I can only hope to be that lively at 80, but he was stiff and awkward. Kate – eh. The pasted on nervous smile was painful. I missed Shannen. If I had to vote for a winner based on who I saw it would be the Pussy Cat Doll.


  2. I watched it for the firs time last night so I have nothing really to compare it to, but I did enjoy it. I think Kate Gosslin needs to be home with her children like YESTERDAY. Evan was the tiniest bit creepy, but maybe it was just shyness. Buzz — that's precious, but please make room for the real-er dancers before you break a bone.


  3. lmao! you are absolutely hysterical and i am right there with ya sister-totally addicted to these terrible “bring it back” reality shows 🙂



  4. I ahve never been a fithful watcher of this show, but in past seasons I would catch episodes here and there. Last night I was flipping back and forth because it was on at the same time as my Monday sitcoms (pretty much one of the only nights of the week when there are shows on that I want to watch). But I had to see some of these people.

    OK I will be catty…..if I have to look at that friggin Kate Gosselin for one more second I will hurl!!! It is almost making me want to cancel my Us Weekly since she is in it too much. But for the love of all that is good and holy she is NOT a star. Never has been never will be and the media keeps giving her another 15 minutes. All she is is a terrible mother….why is she famous for that?!?!

    I thought it was adorable when Shannen Doherty kept looking to her Dad and he got all teary! So sweet!!!

    And Buzz Aldrin, God love him! How cute was he?!? I know he didn't do too well, but I want him to make it through each week because he is so darn cute, and you could tell he was just having fun!!!


  5. I'm making my ignorance public when I say – Wow. Gosselin is on Dancing with the Stars? Sounds like your title really is more accurate. Dancing with the B List??? D List? Where's Kathi Griffin? – she probably had a better gig?


  6. I read an article in which EL mentioned that the difference in the spins is direction. He's used to spinning one way, because figure skating always has jumps/spins/turns happen in that direction, and dance is the exact opposite. Always. So it's hard for his body and his brain to manage.


  7. Oh man, I totally know what you mean. I found myself searching for clips of Kate Gosselin on Hulu, just out of morbid curiosity. I hate her, but just can't get enough! You couldn't have said it better about Buzz Aldrin. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Stopping by via Lady Bloggers!


  8. Oh man…I am way too invested in this show. I have to recap it for one of my freelancing jobs, and now my feat of managing to ignore it for nine seasons is ruined. SO sad Brenda Walsh is gone (I bet Kelly Taylor is behind it, that skank) and I almost want Kate G to stay on to keep making a complete fool out of herself…bwah ha ha ha.


  9. I keep FORGETTING to watch.
    I want to watch I want to see the train wreck that is Dancing with the Stars – but apparently not enough to remember to watch.



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