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Trubie update

With all the insanity that is my life, I’ve been remiss in sharing with you the “bloody” goodness that’s been happening at The True Blood Challenge.

We have two challenges going on right now. Winners will receive fabulous handmade True Blood goodies. Click on the links below for details and to see the design team submissions.

What was the most memorable episode of Season 1 for you?
Graveside romance and Eric in a bathtub. What can beat that?

What will happen to Bill and Sookie’s relationship?
Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but I’d like to see Eric get in the middle of those two.

The Week 1 and Week 2 challenges have already closed, but the submissions we received are too good not to share. Again, click on the links below to see the design team submissions, as well as the winning entries.

Show your love of True Blood.
See the winning design here.

This will be a great page in my section of our All About Us album.
Team Bill vs. Team Eric
See the winning design here.
It’s no secret whose team I’m on. Eric is more fun. If I want a nice vampire, I’ll look for Edward.
We hope you’ll stop by and maybe even take a bite out of a challenge.

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