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Set it Sunday: Week 8

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Happy Pi Day! Yep, you read that right. Little known fact about me: I actually taught math for a little bit and geek out on mathematics almost as much as I geek out on literature. You should eat something round to celebrate… maybe a call to Pizza Hut? It’ll make you feel better about losing the hour of sleep.

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I did well on my goal of establishing more “me time” before work, enjoying four mornings (I may have overslept a little lot on Friday) of writing and reading. Admittedly, there were no workouts. Baby steps.

I have to say, I feel like a total slacker next to Cheri and The Nutty Brunette, who consistently set really ambitious goals. You ladies rock, and thanks for playing along!

Set It
This week, I have to go on a little business trip. I plan to use the five hours in the air to 1) finish knitting my MIL’s scarf and 2) force myself into a book. You may think “reading” is a weird goal, especially for a former English teacher, but I go through reading droughts periodically, and I’ve been in a big one for over a month.

Even though the week is probably going to fly thanks to DST, here’s to it being a productive one!

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Take a Second Glantz
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5 thoughts on “Set it Sunday: Week 8”

  1. Not weird for me! I need to set that goal, too. I was an English minor and love literature. I just get out of the habit far too easily! Of course, I tend to read more in the summer when I can sit in the sun at a beach somewhere. 🙂 Good luck!


  2. I used to be a voracious reader and I find now that I really have to plan out time to sit and read a book. I think that is why I tend to be much more in to magazines lately. I can pick them up and out them down very easily. If I am engrossed in a good book, then NOTHING else gets done till I finish it. It is a commitment that sometimes I just can't figure out how to squeeze in.


  3. I have been going through the same drought. I bought tons of books at the library for change and haven't read any, including the personal finance book that I need to read desperatly. Have a safe and fun business trip. I have to say, your blog is by far one of my favorites!


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