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Suppertime! (for $10 or less)

The girls at Girl Talk Thursday are talking food tonight, so how can I not join the convo? The way to my heart is through my stomach.

“So, you’ve got $10.  Dinner needs to get on the table.  What’re you going to serve?”

This one is easy. When I need a lot of food fast for not much money, Mexican is the way I go. There are a plethora (the other way to my heart is by using the word “plethora”) of dishes I can make with any or all of the following ingredients: fake meat crumbles (or real meat if you’re a carnivore), black beans, refried beans, corn, salsa, hot sauce, cheese, Mexican or saffron rice, chips or tortillas. If I’m feeling fancy, I might add some cumin or cilantro. These ingredients are never in short supply at our house and are used for burritos, enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas, Mexican lasagna, or Mexican casserole. The best part is that I don’t need to break out a cookbook. It’s fairly difficult to ruin Mexican food and incredibly easy to fake it. If made right, it also feeds an army, which means leftovers for our little family of two.

Mexican: it’s what’s for dinner.

6 thoughts on “Suppertime! (for $10 or less)”

  1. Well, first I love the plethora of options you give us here. He he. Secondly, HELL YEAHZZ. I cannot eat enough Mexican. Wait that sounded kinda weird. Hold on, what I'm trying to say is thanks for the shout-out. No wait, I'm not Mexican. Crap. Never mind.


  2. Oh yummy. I'm in the mood for mexican SO bad.

    I would fix spaghetti. You can get pasta, sauce and even some fresh parm and fix a whole mess of it for next to nothing!


  3. As a semi-Mexican, I say YUM. I love making nachos for dinner, but I rarely get out of it for under $10. You know, because I need two different kinds of cheese and fresh avocados and jicama and blue corn tortillas. Also, I'm bourgie as hell.


  4. Cuban is also good, my relatives make a delicious picadilla or picadillo. Too bad you dont eat meat because it has ground beef, potatoes, rice, with seasonings, and some sort of sauce. It's my absolute fav! Whenever I go down to visit relatives in Miami I always hint for it. I have also seen it frozen at the super market, but it's disgusting.


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