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Set It Sunday: Week 6 & Happy Monday!

Apologies for a very late Set It Sunday… I was enjoying a relaxing unplugged weekend (note to self: do that more often).

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Last week was a productive one! In addition to my goal of completing two works in progress, I also created a Shutterfly photo book of my trip to Portugal. Trying to choose only a hundred or so photos from over 1,000 was quite a challenge, but I did it, and I’m excited that I now have a great way to both remember and share my vacation.

Thanks to Cheri for her commitment to Set It Sunday. Her post shows that she has a great attitude toward setting and achieving her goals. We all have off weeks, and it’s important to shake them off and focus on the new week ahead.

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Speaking of, this week begins a new job, so my time and energy will be focused mostly on keeping my head above water. Thus, my only goal is to make some long-overdue social phone calls. ☺ (Yes, I realize how sad it is to pencil in social time as a goal, but such is life.)

Want to join me in focusing more time on a personal goal this week? Grab the button below, and leave a comment with the link to your blog post.
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And without further ado, let’s make it an extra happy Monday for one lucky reader… insert drumroll

Kristen, congrats, you’re the winner of the girlfriend charms! Email your address to me, and I’ll get them in the mail to you this week.

3 thoughts on “Set It Sunday: Week 6 & Happy Monday!”

  1. how awesome cheryl! i love that you do this!!!! totally jealous you finished a complete album! i'm going to have to try that out 🙂



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