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Can’t we all just get along?

The ladies at Girl Talk Thursday are venting today. Feeling extremely grateful for our recent change of fortune, I cannot in good conscious kvetch about anything personal, but I do have a bone to pick about the Olympics. You’re probably just as happy as Hubby that the Olympics, and thus my obsessing, are almost over (though I’m sure I’ll find something new to obsess about in no time).

Things like this

make me sad. It’s one thing when international competitors trash talk one anotheralthough I still think it’s unbecoming and unnecessary, but it’s another thing entirely when the athletes are on the same TEAM. What’s that saying about there being no I in team? Look, I get that there are egos, and I’m not even doubting what Julia Mancuso said about Lindsey Vonn, but I think airing it to the world via Sports Illustrated is tacky. Especially on an international stage, shouldn’t there be some sort of unified front? If Mancuso wants people to start paying attention to what she’s doing on the slopes, she should follow her own advice about saving the drama and take a page from Apolo Ohno’s Twitter:

Fangirl in the house! ❤

What’s irking you today?

14 thoughts on “Can’t we all just get along?”

  1. There are also GREAT moments though – like when Tessa Virtue and Chris Moir won the Ice Dance finals this week. They were being interviewed just after their win but couldn't even finish the interview because their friends, the US Silver medalists,rushed over to hug and congratulate them! It's wonderful to see competitors – especially from other countries, getting along sooooo well, and supporting one another!!


  2. It's sad to see female athletes sniping at each other, especially on a such a huge stage. These are the people we usually *want* children to look up to because they set such a wonderful example.


  3. I love Apolo too 🙂 He annoyed me at first with his yawning, but he's too cute. And I liked the story about the 2 Canadian girls who won gold last night … they were enemies up until about 2 years ago, and now they've won gold together.

    (dropping by from Girl Talk Thursday)


  4. Sigh, even more reason to crush on Apolo. I saw Mancuso on Ellen yesterday, and honestly, not standing up for her, but I think since day one she has been raised as a fierce competitor, and I'm trying to tell myself it was just that side of her talking in that interview. I really don't want to believe she's that crappy of a person:)


  5. I have to say I am SO not into the Olympics this year for some reason. Probably because I am super busy with the kiddos and by the time 8pm rolls around I am ready to fall into my bed! But I agree, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!!


  6. Ohno is awesome!

    I read about this today and it did make me sad. I think Manchuso is sounding like a real jealous little brat. I know that Vonn has been in the spotlight, but there's no reason to say those things. It is tacky. But women get like that sometimes…I don't know why women feel the need to tear other women down.


  7. I mean, that situation is shitty and all, but how come no one's talking about Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan? Oh wait…is that Olympics over? Already?


  8. I agree, it's understandable when athletes get all, “Rawwr” to each other, to a point, but with the whole world watching? And it's your own teammate? Sheesh, grow up a little. Suck it up, and save it for later.


  9. The days of Olympians being more than just super athletes are really over. Now they're just hyped up athletes, if you ask me. It's just one scandal involving badly behaved musclular bodies after another in our world.


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