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Getting back on track

Yesterday I got an email that said, “Congratulations on your sale at Etsy!” I looked at the computer screen blankly, a “Huh?” forming on my lips. And then I remembered a day not that long ago (which feels like an eternity) when I decided that this was a good idea.

To be fair, it was a good idea. I sold four pieces in one week, and only two of them were to my mother. I closed my shop for Chrismukkah break, excited to reopen in 2010 with a plethora (I love that word) of new items. But then this happened, and rocking yourself in a fetal position in the corner of the room for a month does not for great productivity make. Unless you want to make things out of snotty tissues. I also couldn’t justify spending money on craft supplies when I was worried about how we would afford takeout groceries once my paychecks stopped.

I’m happy to announce that I’m not only coming out of my cave, but also getting back on track because I GOT A JOB! Cue happy happy, joy joy dance . For those of you who are new to the mundane details of my life (lucky you), I’ve been working as an English-Language Arts/Literacy Curriculum Developer for three years for a national educational publisher. I’m incredibly lucky that another division of the company picked me up to do pretty much the same job. The biggest difference is that instead of print, I’ll be working on online curriculum, which greatly excites my inner geek. And yes, my commute from the bed to the desk is the same. ☺

To follow up on my previous promise of a prezzie, and to celebrate both my new job and my mission to Etsy it up, I’m giving away a set of Girlfriend Drink Charms to one of you.

Though the original purpose of these is to mark your wine, iced tea, or martini glass, you can also use these as gift ties. All you have to do to win is leave me a comment on this post before Sunday, February 28, 11:59 pm. Comments submitted after then will not be included in the drawing. On Monday (my first day of the new job), I’ll randomly draw and announce the winner. Good luck, and many thanks to everyone for being so supportive. ❤

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15 thoughts on “Getting back on track”

  1. So much to be excited for! I was wondering how Etsy was going and I'm glad to hear you had another sale. Don't be discouraged! You have to kind of “work it” on Etsy in order to make it pay off. 🙂


  2. Yahooooooooo!!!!! Doing a happy dance for you (mine looks more like the Snoopy thing though – I was never into Ren & Stimpy). Congrats on both the job and the unexpected Etsy sale (there's that window opening up). I hope you and your inner geek really enjoy the new employment opportunity! 🙂


  3. my etsy store is just sitting there. i've had it for a while. and what i'll do is i'll close it for a few months, re stock it, close it, re stock it, etc.

    also. woohoo! congrats on your job! embrace your inner geek.

    thanks for visiting my blog!


  4. Still 'happy dancing' for you 🙂
    So happy to hear that things are on the up and up!!! How exciting!

    See, Edward just knows, just like the Eight Ball 😉

    Congrats again, sweetie! :*)
    hugs, margie


  5. Congratulations on the new job!!! I was just hired so I can truly share your joy. AND I have a degree in English so I can also share your love of the glance/Glantz pun. :o) Enjoying your blog! Thanks again for stopping by mine.


  6. Thanks for coming to my blog on my featured day! ( I am so subbing to your site- I love your blog AND your etsy things.. I'm thinking about grabbing those Twilight glass markers! Congrats on getting a new job- that's great! 🙂


  7. Congratulations on the new job! As a former teacher (secondary social studies), I always love hearing about teachers applying themselves to curriculum development. I hope you enjoy embracing your inner geek! 🙂


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