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Set it Sunday: Week 5

Good Sunday morning!

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Cheri set a great mix of health and craft goals last week, and Kristin‘s vacation goals made me ridiculously jealous (PS. happy birthday!). Thanks for joining me again, ladies!

My goal last week was to create three non-digital scrapbook layouts. Since this was the scene of my scrapbook studio this week, thanks to The Great Leak of 2010…

…I had to set up shop elsewhere for the time being.

My friend Meadow even wrote this awesome limerick about my scrapbook studio woes:

The once was a lassie named Cheryl,
Who’s scrap things were always in peril,
Buried under ice and snow,
Her patience running low;
Watch out! She’s a cat who’s gone feral!

Fortunately, that did not prevent me from creating four layouts, which serve as section dividers for my All About Us album in my Library of Memories.

Ah, sweet success! ☺

Set It
This week, I need to focus my attention on two writing works-in-progress and move them to “completed” status.

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7 thoughts on “Set it Sunday: Week 5”

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  2. I'm so incredibly glad that you liked my limerick. I may begin a collection of limericks, all devoted to how awesome you are. Unfortunately, I may have used all the words I could think of that rhymed with Cheryl. Hmm… 😉


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