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The quest for gold

I can’t believe I just added a “sports” tag to my blog. And that it’s in the same post as “Girl Talk.”

Ah-MAZ-ing. That’s the only word to describe these two.

Because of Shaun White, I’m now saying things like “amplitude” and “McTwist.” Seriously, how awesome is he? In addition to being a superb athlete, his enthusiasm for his sport makes him a blast to watch, and he seems like a genuinely nice and down-to-earth guy.

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Speaking of nice… Apolo Ohno. Love him. He makes speed skating so much fun – and exciting – to watch. The way he sits at the back of the pack and then passes in a blink of an eye brings me to the edge of my seat every single time he races.

image source

I just love the Olympics. Can’t get enough of them. My Beautiful Stranger told me this past summer that I needed an Olympic intervention (tell Ryan Lochte to stop taking off his shirt, and maybe I’ll stop watching). I remember being a kid and pretending that I was an Olympic gymnast in the summer and an Olympic ice skater in the winter (the best part of being an imaginary Olympian is not having to choose just one sport). Since I would never make it through one day of practice – of any sport – I’m content these days to cheer on the amazing men and women who represent us in their quests for Olympic gold (though I’d be lying if I said I don’t sometimes still fantasize about what it would be like).

Now, if we’re going to look at non-sports Olympics, I know one event that I’d medal in for sure. I’m an Olympic champion of worrying. We’re talking gold medal contender here. Coming from a long line of gold medal worriers, I was born a natural. Having over 30 years experience, I can even worry in unfavorable conditions. During a relaxing vacation? No sweat; I can find something to worry about. If you’re looking for me in the closing ceremonies, I’ll be the one staring at my gold medal, worried that something will happen to it.

And if you’re wondering who the next up and coming Olympic nappers are, our house has that covered, too.

15 thoughts on “The quest for gold”

  1. Oh gosh, did you see Shaun and the air he got last night?? I only saw the first run around 10:30 but Wow!! I love ohno too . . . they just make sports that I can't compete in so much fun! 🙂


  2. Oh the halfpipe was so AWESOME last nite! I kept gripping the edge of the couch every time they went in the air. And that poor dood that did a bad face plant. 😦 I loved Shaun White's reaction when he knew he had the gold. It was priceless!


  3. I worry about the dumbest things imaginable. I worry about PARKING. If we have to go somewhere I've never been before for an event? WHAT IF WE PARK IN THE WRONG AREA? Graduations, award dinners, baptisms, anything. PARKING. My goodness, that's lame.


  4. I didn't do GTT today because I had my post all written about kinky things, and then boom they changed.

    But, yeah, I might take the Silver in worrying. I think it's the Jewish Mother in me.

    Great post!


  5. I am also completely in love with the Olympics. I always have been. I was just thinking last night how happy I am that we get to see them every 2 years instead of 4 (remember what kind of holy hell it was waiting 4 years for another Olympics?)

    Despite all the hype (which usually turns me off from players with Shaun White), I was really sold on him. I mean — he was 8 feet higher than any of the other snowboarders.

    And Ono is just BAD ASS. 100%


  6. LOL! My nappers can probably beat yours! hee hee!

    OhMyGosh! Isn't White out of this world?! My 6yo now wants to become a pro-snowboarder! He's practicing on his mini-skateboard for now, lol!
    The Olympics have been amazing this year – even more so that my boys are enjoying it too 🙂

    TFS! love ya, margie


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