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Set it Sunday: Week 4

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Sorry I’m late with this week’s Set It Sunday. Today was a busy one with a trip to the airport, followed by a trip to urgent care (all is okay).
A number of bloggy friends participated in Set it Sunday last week. First, a delayed congratulations to Kristin (who I neglected to mention last week because I got behind on my reader) for meeting her running goal. She’s more on the ball than me; she already reflected on last week’s goal of “save the drama for your mama” and set her goals for this week. Way to go girl! Thanks to Cheri for joining with some great scrapbooking goals (I need to steal a few of these myself). And The Nutty Brunette returned with another impressive list of both school and personal goals. Thanks to all of you for joining me!
So how did I fare on my goal to spend 15-20 minutes on the Wii fit for four days last week? 100% success! It felt really good to meet my goal and to finally get back in the swing of exercising.
Set It
This week, I’m taking a page from Cheri’s book and setting a creative goal. I haven’t been able to complete a layout everyday for the LOAD challenge I’m participating in, which I’m totally okay with, because I knew that would be the case going into it (completing half a LOAD will still give me more layouts at the end of this month than I otherwise would have had). But I really wanted to get in my scrap studio and create some non-digital pages. So far, all my layouts have been digi for the sake of time and ease. So this week, I pledge to create three “traditional” layouts.
Want to join me in focusing more time on a personal goal this week? Grab the button below, and leave a comment with the link to your blog post.Take a Second Glantz Copy and Paste Code Take a Second Glantz

And to those of you who celebrate it, happy Valentine’s Day!

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