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Friday Fragments

I have finally, slowly been catching up on my blog reader this week. There are so many good posts, I wanted to use these Friday Fragments to brag on a few of my bloggy friends.

Mommy's Idea

There were so many others that I wish I had time to share, but I’m due at the airport to pick up my girlfriend (assuming the Snowpacolypse doesn’t foil our plans AGAIN). Hope you all have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Fragments”

  1. I adore “girls weekends” – hope you & your friend have a marvelous time despite the snow. (We just got 21″ on Tues/Wed). And thanks so much for the shout out. You really do have a wonderful batch of bloggy friends!


  2. YOU, my sweet sweet blogging friend deserve a gigantic bear hug, which I will let your hubby give you as soon as you see him walking by!! Tell him to hold you and squeeze as tight as he can… and just know that that one is from me!!! You also deserve to be Queen for the weekend! heehee… Tell your hubs that you want the royal treatment this weekend! What the queen wants, the queen gets! Let him know that I will catch up with him later on the tab! hahahha…. JK!! No, thank you so much though for the sweet shout out! Your the BEST!


  3. Hey Cheryl! Happy Vday! I just found your site through the Lady Blogger Tea Party first of all love the fact that you give shout out to a lot of different genre's of blogs! Its something small but really, it's such a compliment for those bloggers because now, I have checked out all of them too!! Thanks for sharing!

    Also, love your site…I am afraid to leave a comment though as my grammar may not be up to snuff! Just kidding – honestly, I love your writing style and I'll be back again!!




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