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Set it Sunday: Week 3

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Thanks to The Nutty Brunette for joining me last week. She was super ambitious – I was tired just reading her list! ☺ (PS. Nutty Brunette, if you’re reading this, how do we leave comments on your blog?)
I came to a hopefully-helpful realization yesterday as I was thinking about my Set It Sunday goal: I’m not very realistic when it comes to estimating how much time I have in my week to devote to my personal goal and how much time it will take to achieve that goal. While I am much further along in my quest to achieve last week’s goal of finishing my 2009 Month-at-a-Glance photo book, the design process is taking more time than anticipated, the kind of time I didn’t have in the midst of everything else that was going on last week. Instead of just thinking about what I want to accomplish, I need to start paying attention to the steps that need to be completed to get there and how long those steps will take.
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Certainly, I am rolling over my goal from last week. I’m so close to being done, I should realistically be able to finish the photo book with a few more hours of work. If you had asked me yesterday, I would have told you that I’m also adding a small writing goal, and while I do think I probably will devote some time to writing this week (I’m itching to write after yesterday’s reflection), I found this morning that I have a more urgent goal that needs attention. I stepped on my Wii Fit… after 263 days of neglect (so it was very quick to tell me). My weight gain – which was amplified by that obnoxious, animated balance board shaking its head, telling me that I had failed my goal of maintaining my weight (“Cheryl,” it says, “maybe you should choose a slightly easier goal, yes?” Bastard.) – reinforces the fact that my life has become ridiculously (and unhealthily) sedentary. I know I’m going to need to ease back into it and set a realistic goal that I can actually meet. So this week, I’m committing to 15-20 minutes on the Wii Fit for 4 days.
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