addiction, impatience, television

In one week…

…the end will begin…

…and the weekly texting parties will resume, which consist mostly of WTFs and girlie comments about Sawyer and Sayid.
All I know is some questions better be answered. And there better not be a Wizard of Oz-type ending.
Also, someone should explain the frightening resemblance between Albie from Big Love (on left) and Benjamin Linus from LOST (on right).

4 thoughts on “In one week…”

  1. LMAO, I think that's amazing that you were able to spot a resemblance between the two guys – all i know is Albie creeps me out. Honestly, I got lost on LOST last year and quit watching mid-way but it's on Netflix for me to catch up on this weekend. I REALLY want to be ready to watch this year. I already saw an interview that there will still be questions; but also some answers. They wouldn't be who they were “without leaving questions.” I think it was an interview on NBC Today show . . .


  2. Is it just me or does it seem like FOREVER since it was last on the air? I hope there is a bit of a recap in the first episode as I honestly can't remember what was going on… oh wait – an explosion – and Juliet falling down in the hole…


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