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December Daily 7: The Ghost of Chanukah Past

I’ve had a lot of memorable holidays, but one that stands out as among the best occurred somewhere between upper elementary and early middle school.

My parents had bought me a small keyboard a few years prior with these great fake books that helped me learn to read treble clef on my own. I wasn’t great at playing, but I absolutely loved it.
On the last night of this particular Chanukah (my parents always saved the best gift for last), my mom came into my bedroom and asked me to play the keyboard for her to distract me from whatever my dad was setting up in the living room. When I was eventually invited to see what was going on, a full-sized keyboard was waiting for me. I still remember the feeling of awe when I laid eyes on it.
At least 20 years later (ouch), there is always a special place in my house for this gift, and it’s one that I enjoy frequently.

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