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It’s a New Moon

This review does NOT contain spoilers.

Is it possible to marry a movie? Because if so, I’m marrying this one.

This morning, I took myself on a date. Even though I got to the box office two hours before it opened, I was still behind a lot of people, all of whom also planned to rendezvous with Edward today.
By the time I got inside, I was as icy cold as Edward. Where’s a werewolf when you need one?

So just a few general observations because I don’t want to ruin the movie for those of you who have yet to see it.
Firstly, I thought it was funny that all the previews were geared not to the teens, but to the 30+ females in the audience. That kinda says something, no? I must say, I had a good time listening to the reactions of the moms in the audience. I’m not sure who was swooning more, them or their kids. That’s a lie; I know, it was us old folks.
In a nutshell, I bow down to the director, Chris Weitz. I knew I’d like the movie, but I didn’t expect to LOVE it, especially since 1) Twilight did not meet my expectations, and 2) I didn’t love the book. The movie totally blew the book out of the water. There, I said it. I laughed, I sniffed a little, and I actually even cringed a few times.
Whereas Jake was one of the main reasons I didn’t love the book, he was a big part of why I loved the movie. Edward who? Relax – I’m not switching teams, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Taylor Lautner made me miss Edward less than I anticipated (no, not because of his abs, though they admittedly helped). Lautner’s chemistry with Kristen Stewart made their relationship so believable. I caught myself almost rooting for him. Almost.
And speaking of KStew, the girl left her lip alone for the most part and gave a really GOOD performance. I know, I was surprised, too. In all sincerity, though, she, RPattz, and Lautner (he needs a cute nickname, too) did a great job of bringing to life the ♥ angst and dark mood ♥ that Weitz set through his brilliant production decisions. And the supporting actors were equally wonderful. (I’m thinking about applying for membership to Team Chief Swan.)
I admittedly and shockingly can’t think of a single complaint. I don’t even care that they cut my favorite quote from the book. It’s safe to say that I will be contributing to the box office record several times.
And now?

220 days and counting

Also, I may or may not be headed to see New Moon again… in a few hours (see the label, “addiction”). ☺

6 thoughts on “It’s a New Moon”

  1. I really enjoyed the movie. A LOT! Like the first I didn't go looking for a perfect movie and knew it could never compare to the movie in my head while reading the book. I do have one complaint and it bugged me throughout the entire movie, their contacts. To me they looked stupid and like Edward was never even looking at Bella. All the Cullens had the same brown silly looking eyes in every scene.
    Other then that, I loved it. I'll be seeing it a couple more times myself. 🙂


  2. Good to know that it's that much better than Twilight. That book was my least fave of the set and after the disaster that was the Twilight movie, I wasn't sure it was worth going to the theater for on this one. Maybe I'll see you there. 😉


  3. OME! You're killing me!!! 😉 LOL!
    I can't believe that you've probably seen it twice and I'm still waiting until tomorrow at 3something!!! Of course we couldn't get an earlier slot!
    I can't wait anymore! I'm going to burst!!!

    :*) I'll “ketchup” with y'all tomorrow night!!!


  4. OME!!!! I agree 100%-I really cannot wait to get my hands on this movie because I just CANNOT get enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ooo, thanks for sharing that awesome countdown! I am grabbing it for me tooooo!



  5. I noticed the same thing about the previews. What a change from the Twilight previews. They must have finally figured out their target market. 🙂

    While I didn't love New Moon as much as you did, I do think there were a ton of improvements over Twilight. I was also really impressed by Taylor and glad to see Kristen toned down some of her annoying mannerisms. I'm looking forward to see what they do with Eclipse!


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