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Another list…

Disclaimer: This post is labeled TMI for a reason.
Remember that list that I had difficulty narrowing down? The lovely ladies from Girl Talk Thursday are letting me write another one, this time with my top five fictional picks. Have I mentioned that I love those gals? But seriously, when are we going to up the ante to ten?
Here are my five “right nows” in no particular order (okay, that’s a lie – sorry, fictional hotties).
1. Eric Northman from True Blood
I fell in love with this character well before the delicious Alexander Skarsgard began portraying him. I mean, Edward Cullen’s great and all, but what’s the point of being with a vampire who’s not willing to have a little… fun? There are a lot of comments I could make about this picture, like how in my fantasies I’m the reason for that look on his face, but I’ll spare you.
2. James Sawyer from LOST
Dear Universe, if my plane ever crashes on a deserted island, make sure it’s the one where Sawyer lives. kthnx
3. Detective John McBain from One Life to Live

If Detective McBain arrests me, please don’t bail me out right away.
That’s right, the first three fictional characters are played by guys that all appeared on my list of five celebrities. I’m loyal, what can I say?
4. Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing
You can put me in a corner, Johnny, as long as I get to dance dirty with you.
I’m down to my final spot already?!? *whine* Seriously, girls, limiting us to five is cruel.
There are so many who could fill this spot: DiNozzo from NCIS, Severus Snape from Harry Potter (don’t judge – you know a sword-toting emo is a little hot), McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy – not to mention the loves from long ago, like Sully from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Dylan McKay from 90210 – or the girl crushes (looking at you, Pam from True Blood and Abby from NCIS) – and yes, the apple of everyone’s eye, Edward Cullen from Twilight. But they pale in comparison to
5. Lord Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings
You can speak Elvish to me any day, and I will gladly ahem serve you.

17 thoughts on “Another list…”

  1. Oh, Johnny Castle. There is still a bare spot on my childhood bedroom wall where you once lay…sniff.

    Great list. You obviously have a thing for scruffy face, shoulder length haired mens. Me likey like that too!


  2. Love love love it! Love love love you! Muah!!

    P.S. Spike, Quinn, DiNozzo, Agent Sealy Booth & Sawyer.

    And what the hell: Ziva, Pam, Liv, Adrianna & Alice. πŸ˜‰


  3. Aragorn *swoon* still makes my boobies tingle. I'm just sayin. Great list (and I'll fight you for Sawyer when we wind up on The Island).

    I so remember wanting to go to a resort and meet my Johnny Castle and emerge into a beautiful butterfly like Baby. Again with the boobie tingling.


  4. “Severus Snape from Harry Potter (don't judge – you know a sword-toting emo is a little hot)”
    OMG. It's so true. Also, rawr. Now I have to go put another PPS on my post, thanks a LOT!


  5. Great list. Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing (and in Ghost) totally got me hot. But Edward Cullen? Not so much – I'm definitely in the Team Jacob camp (nevermind that I'm old enough to be his mother).


  6. John McBain. Yes please. Like seriously YES PLEASE. I didn't even go to Daytime drama. I totally could have put Sonny Corinthos also. Because YUMMY.

    Also? Johnny Castle was like #7 on my list and almost made the Top 5. It was hard to shuffle everything around. But I think I watched Dirty Dancing like 1,000 times.

    You're a Gator. I'm a Gator. We could do the same men… honey, we need to get together and have a drink sometime.



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