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A word about goals

Even though you can’t tell, thanks to my lack of relevant posts, I’m in the midst of taking this class.

Today’s prompt is about using your blog to set goals. When I read this, I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to revisit my 101 in 1001 project and see what I can cross off the list (believe it or not, I’ve actually completed a decent amount of items). But then I took a look at the list again, after not having seen it in a while, and this post suddenly took another direction.

Goals and priorities both change with time. A year after writing my list, there are several things on there that are no longer important to me. While I agree that it’s just as important to have long-term goals as it is to have short-term ones, I’m thinking 101 of them are just too many for me. I could complete the list so that I could one day say “I did it,” but of what value would that be to me if I didn’t care about the goals I completed?
So while I realize I might catch some flak for being a quitter (not that it’s the first time, nor will it probably be the last), I’ve decided to abandon the project; I have new goals that I’d rather spend my time working toward achieving, the first and biggest of which is to finish writing the story on which I’ve been working.
In other news, thanks so much to those of you who took time to share your feedback on my holiday gift post. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated. I bought supplies yesterday to make more, including some Christmas-themed ones, and I’m going to see how they do on Etsy. Like so many of you pointed out, it can’t hurt to try. I’ll let you know when I open up shop. ☺

6 thoughts on “A word about goals”

  1. i just love this list-thanks for sharing i am definitely going to check it out-already have it printed for some “work time” reading tomorrow πŸ™‚



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