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Holiday gifts, part one (DIANE: do not read!)

Disclaimer: This post is about a holiday gift for my mother-in-law, so if this is you, Diane, stop reading if you wish to be surprised. ☺

I’ve fallen in love with yet another craft (insert Hubby rolling his eyes). After a picture of beaded wine charms caught my eye in a craft supply catalog, I decided to try making a set for my MIL as part of her holiday gift. Since she loves wine, I figured the “wine lover” charms were appropriate.

These were so fun to make (and there are SO many cute charms out there), I’m toying with the idea of making a bunch of different sets and seeing how they do on Etsy. If you have any thoughts, I would love to hear them.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “Holiday gifts, part one (DIANE: do not read!)”

  1. I know I'd love a set of wine charms and I too love wine . . . I'm guessing they could do pretty well on etsy! I say go for it, what else do you have going on in your life to keep you busy??


  2. Definitely! Go for it!
    They're so cute! They're the pefect gift!

    Great job! and good luck 🙂

    OH! and thanks for stopping by my bloggy today! It loves when you pay a visit 😉

    {{Warm Hugs!!!}}


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