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My ideal lunch date

How I’ve missed my Girl Talk Thursday (and wow, did I miss some really great topics while I was away)! The ladies this week want to know about my ideal lunch date.

My gut reaction was an emotional one: a lunch with my grandfather who I never had the fortune of knowing; a lunch with my friend, Nifer, who left the world far too soon; a lunch with my nearest and dearest friends with whom there’s never enough time. And then my mind turned to the gutter, as it’s wont to do during Girl Talk Thursday, and I started thinking about sexy dates with my list of five I selfishly started thinking of my pipe dream.
I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if this was the post I was ultimately going to write. People say that you should put things out into the universe for them to one day become true, but it makes me feel, if not completely ridiculous (though I know in my heart it’s not silly to follow your dreams), then at least a little cliché. But then I decided, if I can’t share my heart’s desires with my bloggy girlfriends, who have proven to be some of the most supportive people I’ve ever had the blessing to know, then I might as well just delete this blog and point myself toward the nearest exit of the blogosphere. So here goes.
My ideal lunch date takes place a few years from now. I don’t really care where it is (though I wouldn’t mind it being farther south) and for once, the food is not a focus in my otherwise food-obsessed mind. The important deets are the who and the why. You see, my lunch date is a result of this:

My literary agent has arranged this lunch date to offer me a contract to write a sequel that at least a handful of kids have been clamoring for. (Yes, the book I haven’t yet come close to finishing has a sequel that’s already partially thought out. No, I haven’t ever heard that expression about putting the cart before the horse. Plus, when you dream, aren’t you supposed to dream BIG?) Of course I sign on the dotted line before dessert is even mentioned, and I probably pinch myself a few times under the table to make sure the convo isn’t a hallucination resulting from one too many martinis. As soon as the date ends (and I finish calling everyone I know), I take out my pen and spiral notebook with a happy heart.
Yep, a lunch date in which my wildest dreams come true would be beyond ideal.

6 thoughts on “My ideal lunch date”

  1. So I TOTALLY didn't realize until like that you're another Florida alum. The, uh, gator in your masthead should maybe have tipped me off, no?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed this lunch date happens in the not-so-distant future!


  2. I look forward to reading the post on your blog where you describe your meeting, and then link back to this one saying, “See?! I knew it would happen!”



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