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Where I’ve been, part one

I’m baaack… How I’ve missed you all!

The past two weeks have been crazy, but wonderful (well, minus whatever plague I caught that kept me in bed for the past few days). In 10 days, I flew on 8 planes to attend 3 events in 2 cities. First up is my trip (with Hubby) to Gainesville for UF’s Homecoming.

The trip started off a little rough, as evidenced by my DMs:

Travel woes. Not sure if we’re making it to Gville tonight. Keep your fingers crossed!

But once we eventually got there, we had an absolute blast. Since I haven’t written in weeks and am still relocating my voice, I thought I’d create a multimedia “moment” to share with you instead (and I’ve been itching to try out this very cool site). Enjoy, and thanks for sticking around! ☺

5 thoughts on “Where I’ve been, part one”

  1. Wow! Too many flights! I'm sick just thinking about all that flying ya did! LOL!
    Cool thingy-ma-jiggy you put together! Love the car!!!

    So happy your back and feeling better my friend :*)

    Later! {{hugs}}


  2. Very cool way to share Homecoming! 🙂 Love your pics and videos! It gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes remembering days so long ago. Man, I'm old.


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