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Why so cold?

So maybe I had a little too much time to play with Photoshop tonight.
Why do I feel like I’ve written this post before? Oh, that’s right, because I have.
Dear, darling, Mother Nature, what am I going to do with you? I realize that it’s fall and the days of 70-degree weather are over. But having to use the heat when it’s still September? I don’t recall signing up for this. Can we renegotiate the terms of mountain weather, please? I understand that I can’t have as much quality time with my flip flops as I did in FL, but having to wear Muppet socks 7-8 months out of the year is unacceptable. Nobody should have to wear this many layers inside their house unless they live in an igloo in Greenland. I’m not unwilling to compromise. You know how much I hate mountain thunderstorms. I’ll allow you a few more weeks of those in exchange for a few more weeks of warmth. Deal? I know I said I was excited to wear my new Bella mittens, and I am; I just didn’t think I’d be wearing them this soon. And in the house.

3 thoughts on “Why so cold?”

  1. Yeah, for your sake, I wish I could say the same for Florida. If it makes you feel better, they claim we will have a “cold front” tomorrow…which would put our temps in like the upper sixties/seventies. How's that for empathy??? 🙂 Hang in there!


  2. Oh, where's a violin when you need one 😉
    But I feel for you! Usually on Long Island we get a bit of an “Indian Summer” around this time and instead, I've had to turn on the heat too! I didn't think that we'd have to be wearing jackets, etc to the bus stop in the mornings already! and it's suppose to be chillier tomorrow! Brrrr!!!


  3. eeeekk!!!! i'm a scared of clowns lol.

    i love the cool weather though-you can always get warm…in the summer you can only take so much off-ha!



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