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Fighting the Monday blahs

Today was SUCH a Monday. Fortunately, there were a few pick-me-ups that got me through my day.

  • Ellen DeGeneres tweeted about this video today. I have no idea how this group managed to orchestrate it. It’s incredible!

  • I’m excited because this is arriving on my doorstep tomorrow.
  • Is this kid tough or what? After scaring the entire Gator Nation during the UF-UK game, Tim Tebow’s first question when he pulled himself together was, “Did I hold onto the ball?” (Source: Orlando Sentinel article) Gotta love his spirit!
  • My girl, MeadowC, posted her first Twilight fanfic, Surprising Alice. It’s a very creative telling of how Jasper finally manages to surprise Alice.
  • And speaking of my favorite vampires, My Beautiful Stranger alerted me that this treasure is just about to be released. Hopefully it will tide me over until the new Sookie book comes out next May.

5 thoughts on “Fighting the Monday blahs”

  1. Wow! Awesome video! I wonder how long it took to get accomplish that!
    Oooo! I was looking for another fanfic to get addicted to! Thnx!
    … holy canoli! I had no idea HP was going to be added to the park! Definitely worth planning a much needed vacay around that time šŸ˜‰

    TFS :*)
    ~ margie


  2. Argh, you're killing me! LOL I don't have time to read fan fic, but I did browse that Twilight-headed site over the weekend. I guess I'll have to go back and read it. I'm sure it has to do a little with Jacob and how she can't see any visions when he's around. I'm excited about Universal too!


  3. As a person who has knit (and is consequently now trying to get up the gumption to sell) a full-length HP PoA-style Gryffindor scarf, I'm here to give you two pieces of my own learning:

    1. Even though it's tedious, do a K1P1 ribbed scarf instead of one knit in the round. It's more screen accurate and it'll be half as heavy.

    2. Speaking of heavy, even if you prefer natural fibers, a scarf that long made entirely out of wool is a freakin BEAST. A beast I tell you. It's crazy heavy. So maybe don't use wool if you can stand it. A wool blend, perhaps.

    My PoA scarf on Ravelry

    Also, you know Mike and I will do the HP world at Universal with you. Oh yes.


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