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Weekend Update

On Sunday nights, I always find myself wishing that I had been more productive over the weekend. Granted, my goals consisted of very little productivity to begin with.

This weekend, I’m hoping to sleep in. Late. As in past 8:00.

FAIL. Apparently “past 8:00” is no longer part of my sleeping regimen.

I am also hoping to catch up on the DVR’d shows I’m embarrassed to admit I record (e.g., 90210, Vampire Diaries, a month’s worth of soaps).

I didn’t catch up on 90210 or the Vampire Diaries (I’m going to be in so much trouble with MBS), but I’m now only two weeks behind in my soaps. Does that count as productivity?

And hopefully while I’m killing brain cells catching up on my TV, I can also catch up on the scrapbook I’m supposed to be 3/4 done with for the class I’m taking. What’s that you ask? How far along am I? I plead the fifth.

Okay, here’s where the only actual productivity occurred, aside from doing the dishes. I didn’t get as far along as I had hoped, but this particular scrapbooking project requires a lot of writing, so I guess I’m just going to have to be patient. Based on Amy Krause Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, the idea is to chronicle tidbits about yourself in alphabetical order. For instance, here are my entries for A:

Steven Tyler. Joe Perry. Can I have both, please? So what if they’re old enough to be my dads? They’re welcome in my bed anytime. Okay, all lust aside, Aerosmith rocks. I’ve seen them in concert more than any other band, and I go to MGM Studios just to ride their rollercoaster. I can’t remember a time I didn’t know who they were, my mom passing her love of them onto me at an early age. When I got to college, I found a roommate who loved them just as much as me (if not more). Road trips for the two of us were like our own personal Aerosmith concerts, and while we rarely fought, we both knew the one thing that could end our friendship was deciding who would go home with Joe Perry. Unfortunately, we were never presented with the opportunity to find out.

A little-known fact about me is that I was born left-handed. It wasn’t until we started learning cursive in school that I was encouraged to switch to my right hand. While I now do most day-to-day activities with my right-hand, there are plenty of lefty holdovers. And I can still write with my left hand in a pinch, which sometimes comes in “handy.”
Apple, the kind you plug in
Once you go Mac, you never go back. That’s the motto in our house. I grew up on Apple computers, my first one (an Apple II+) given to me by my Uncle Joel, complete with black-and-green screen. From playing Clue, Family Feud, and The Wizard of Oz to learning how to program, the ancient Apple saw me through most of my school years. College required a PC, but it wasn’t long before I reentered the world of Apple while in grad school, purchasing my first iBook. Three generations of Apple computers, one iPod, and one iPhone later, I’ll never go back. See also: iPhone, my other appendage.
I use this response entirely too much.
This kind of writing has been really fun, and I would have loved to know this kind of stuff about my parents and grandparents, so I hope it might be appreciated by future generations. I’m trying to get Hubby to do one, too.
Looking ahead, I have a busy work week, but I’m looking forward to continuing my personal writing project. One of my goals is to go to bed a little earlier this week. I’m in the middle of a great book, but I’ve been too tired at night to pick it up.
I’m excited to share some great links tomorrow, participating in an awesome (there goes that word again) meme from Jen at Daily Mish Mash. If you want to “get your link on” with her, check out the details here.
Here’s hoping the start to your week is a great one!

1 thought on “Weekend Update”

  1. I love the ABC idea! I'm so stealing that for something! (filing away for future use…) And thanks for sharing Jen's new Monday Mention project! I think I'll try it!


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