Romancing the Blog

It doesn’t have quite the same ring as Romancing the Stone, huh? Oh well.

It’s time for another Girl Talk Thursday post!
If you were in a romance novel, what would be your name/story?
The name part of the question is easy. I’m of Russian descent (which I constantly remind people when I’ve had a few too many vodka drinks) and have always been in love with Russian names. So if I had to pick a name for myself, it would be: Svetlana, Nadia, or Tatiana. Those names are much sexier than Cheryl.
My romantic counterpart, the most important part of this fantasy, should be a vampire, wear a uniform (preferably Marine Corps Dress Blues), or be a uniform-wearing vampire. ☺
The story? He’s a teacher, and I’m his student. Oh, wait. Nope, that’s my real-life romance story (see #7 in the linked post). Hm. I’m not a huge fan of the damsel-in-distress story (sorry, Bella Swan). I would much prefer to be doing the initial rescuing, and then my sexy stud can come to my aid if and when I get in trouble (think: Sookie Stackhouse – minus the sex with every supernatural she comes into contact with, because sex with werewolves [and dogs] is just gross [looking at you, Jacob Black] – though I wouldn’t mind the actual sex she has [citing book 4, chapter 6 for the third time on my blog]). I’m sorry, was I talking about something?
The story, right. Suffice it to say that I would “ride in on my white horse” to save my dudemar, and he would spend the better part of his life showing me how – grateful – he is. Sorry, I guess my imagination is not as vivid as Tatiana’s. (See what I mean about the sexy Russian name?)

And speaking of romance… for my fellow Patrick Swayze fans, if you missed last night’s Dancing with the (non)Stars tribute, take a look below (just be sure to have tissues handy).


7 thoughts on “Romancing the Blog

  1. I'm digging the name Tatiana (a href=” I'm imagining Sean Connery saying it with his oh so sexy accent haha. Why aren't there anymore Irish men around??!! They're perfect for romance. I think he could have made a good Dudemar haha….I seriously did not know what that was.


  2. I loved that Patrick Swayze tribute. Thanks for posting it.

    Um, if you don't write the uniform wearing vampire book/story someone else is going to. That is a FANTASTIC idea!!


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