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A royal day

Another day, another 180 pictures.

Today we went to Belém to see the National Museum of Coaches and the Jerónimos Monastery. On our way, we saw a Burger King, and I loved its sign “Auto King.” This is to advertise its drive-through, which is apparently uncommon in Portugal.

Belém is home to the President’s Palace. Note the guards standing watch outside.
At the National Museum of Coaches, I’m not sure which was more ornate: the coaches or the museum.
The royal coaches were used mostly in ceremonial affairs and were thus incredibly decorated. Each is truly a work of art.
Perhaps the most ornate is the Pope mobile given to Clement XI in 1716. According to the placard, the Italian baroque decoration symbolizes the Atlantic Ocean meeting the Indian Ocean.
Needless to say, even the horses were decked out in their best when transporting royalty.
And our brush with royalty didn’t end there.
In the Jerónimos Monastery, Queens Maria and Catarina and Kings Manuel and Joao are buried in the main chapel of the Santa Maria Church. Two elephants hold up each tomb.
Also buried in the church is Vasco da Gama, a highly revered explorer.
Royalty aside, the Santa Maria Church within the monastery is breathtakingly awesome. The pictures don’t do it justice.
I couldn’t stop taking pictures outside the monastery– the building is magnificent. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

Tomorrow is our final touring day. We’re going to head back to Sintra to see one of the palaces and take in a museum or two. I hope you’re enjoying the virtual tour as much as I’m enjoying the real thing. J

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  1. Wow, those coaches are gorgeous to say the least! There is so much to take in over in Portugal. You have definitely made me want to take that trip someday!!! Thanks again for sharing your vacation with us!!!


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