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A day of rest

Bom dia!

After our long, treacherous hike to the Moorish Castle yesterday (my thighs are killing me), we decided to take a much-needed day of rest (it might also have to do with the fact that I slept until noon– in my defense, I stayed up ’till 2). We did go to a grocery store, Lidl, which reminds me a lot of Aldi in the United States. I was happy to finally find the European fruit chews I had as a kid.
I’ve also been getting my fill of American TV shows and movies. They have quite an eclectic lineup here… Alias, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, United States of Tara, L Word, Kevin Hill, and The Starter Wife, just to name a few. I’ve been having fun reading the Portuguese subtitles while watching. The written language is very similar to Spanish, so I can read quite a bit of it. The spoken language, though, is very derivative of the many countries that owned Portugal, so it’s a conglomerate of Spanish, French, and another language I haven’t been able to put my finger on yet. Being here has reminded me how much I love studying languages, and it has gotten me thinking about a possible career change when I’m ready to grow up.
Other than that, I’ve been making plans for the 300+ photos I’ve taken thus far. I’m thinking that a PAS (photo album scrapbook) is going to be in order.
In related news, if you use/want to use Memory Dock items, there is a 90% off sale here. I bought two photo drawers and a photo dock for little more than $10 (the order regularly would have cost me about $100).
Tomorrow we’re going to visit a few museums, so I’ll be back then with a few more pictures. In the meantime, take a look at these guys. They’re all over the place on signs, billboards, TV, etc., advertising cable and internet services, and for some reason they crack me up.
PS. I inadvertently lied to you again yesterday. What I thought was a stop sign in the last picture of my slideshow is actually a “do not enter” sign.

PPS. Don’t forget: there’s still plenty of time to enter my blogoversary giveaway!

1 thought on “A day of rest”

  1. your pictures have been breathtaking and i'm loving my virtual vacation! i never knew i wanted to visit portugal! 🙂 and, all in all, i have to laugh at the juxtaposition of the burger king with all this gorgeous finery. SO FUNNY! (you know me, i'll never turn down a laugh!)

    looking forward to having you back in the states, though!


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