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The winner takes it all

Lots of sightseeing today. Our first stop was Cabo da Roca (literally the End of Rock), which is the western most point in Europe.
Pictured below: 1) I inadvertently lied the other day when I said aloe grows in abundance here. Apparently it’s a plant commonly referred to as the Dangerous Invader because of how quickly it takes over other vegetation; 2) the lighthouse at Cabo; 3) the monument marking the western most point; 4) a sign saying, “here is where the land finishes and the sea starts;” 5) the lay of the land in Cabo; 6)–8) the most gorgeous coastline I’ve ever seen; 9) me dreaming of retirement here.

We then went to see Boca de Inferno (Mouth of Hell). While we were there, we saw a couple of fishermen catch an octopus. (After seeing how inhumanely it was killed, I may not be eating octopus anymore, but it was neat to see the animal while it was alive because I’ve never seen one in person.)

We ended the evening with a trip to the casino in Estoril, where I happily doubled my euros (all 20 of them) in a penny slot machine.

This winner took it all (read: cashed out as soon as the pennies were counted) and went to bed a happy “gambler.”

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