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Have adapter. Will travel.

I’ve never considered myself to be a low-maintenance traveler. I mean, you don’t really expect me to wear the same pair of earrings with every outfit, do you? But I never really thought of myself as high maintenance either. Until preparing for my trip to Portugal.

Okay, first things first. WAHOO!! This time next week, I’ll be blogging from the rocky beaches of Portugal. And that is precisely why I have become high maintenance. Blogging.
My first few questions to my dad in preparation for this trip were not the ones out of a hundred questions I should have asked: What clothes should I bring? Do I need a doctor’s note for my prescription medicine? Can I bring you any comforts from home? No. My first questions were: Do you have wireless? What kind of converter do I need? What do your plugs look like? Because, you know, I’m not paying $40 per minute to use my phone and I might die if I go 11 days without tweeting. Besides, I have a responsibility to my loyal readers (all 3 of them… I used the all 1 of them joke on Twitter and 3 of you responded, so I must be up to 3 readers now… or at least I was before I recycled jokes that were lame the first time I told them) to take them to Portugal with me virtually.
After a little bit of research and a whole lot of online shopping, I am now properly armed to enter the Portuguese Blogosphere:
(Psst… Jenny. Click on the picture. I figured it out. Aren’t you proud?)
Of course, this is in addition to my laptop, laptop charger, camera-to-laptop cord, etc. It should be noted that I also looked into getting a laptop power cord for the airplane (that’s how deep my technology addiction devotion to my readers runs), but my crappy cheap flight doesn’t have such technology yet.
So now I probably have to pack an extra bag just to carry all my tech accessories, but I promise you, nice-man-who-will-have-to-help-me-lift-my-bag-into-the-overhead-compartment, it will all be worth it– because now I’ll be able to document my trip day-by-day as it’s happening, instead of trying to remember the details three years from now when I finally get around to scrapbooking it.

3 thoughts on “Have adapter. Will travel.”

  1. This cracked me up, but only because I am known to travel with all kinds or cords and chargers and stuff even if i am just going one state away!!! I can't imagine what I will be like the next time I go overseas!!! The last time I went to Europe I wasn't blogging yet!!!

    Have a FABULOUS trip!!! Can't wait for the blog entries from Portugal!!!


  2. LMAO!!! First of all I would like you to know that I am totally jealous. Second I am SUPER happy that you will be connected to us one way or another. Third- how do you plan on catching TB? Just watching your back lol.

    can't wait!!!



  3. Wow! This is like the bloggy version of a hurricane kit! 🙂 You're going to have a great time! (And way to go on figuring out the picture thing! My poor little eyes appreciate it!)

    I can't wait to see pictures from your trip – and your scrapbook pages!


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