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I’m really excited about my two latest Big Picture Scrapbooking projects, both of which are Cathy Zielske’s brainchildren.
Twitter: My Life in 140 Characters
I think we’ve well established that I’m addicted to Twitter. So imagine how quickly I jumped on Cathy’s class to make sense of my random tweets and turn them into a scrapbook.
I used DCWV’s All Dressed Up stack to cover an American Crafts Modern 6×6 album. The title wrap is Cathy’s design and was available in her class.
I’m still working on the pages, but here are a few I created during my LOAD adventure. Again, the template is Cathy’s design.

(As much as I like the Eric Northman page, there’s really only one of these. Picasa randomly duplicated a page to balance the collage. I guess the computer thinks he’s gorgeous, too.) I’m contemplating turning the 2009 stamp into a descriptor so that I can organize pages by category (e.g., Pop Culture, Food, etc.). Fortunately, the pages are digital, so it will be easy to change.
Me: The Abridged Version
Also in the works is my pre-class assignment for Cathy’s September class, based on Amy Krause Rosenthal’s Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life (which is a great read). I dressed up the brainstorming tag book (why not?) by inking the edges and adding a flower.
If you’re interested in this class, registration is still open for a few weeks.
And now, back to my studio to continue working on these scraptastic projects!

1 thought on “Scraptastic”

  1. I *love* how you covered the binder album! Those AC albums are my favorite!

    You are right…Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life was a great read! Looking forward to seeing the pages you create in the class!


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