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12 of 12

With my love of reality TV, it shouldn’t be too surprising that I consider myself a bit of a voyeur. This applies to blogs, too. Often times I “snoop” on a blog for several months before I follow, or am brave enough to comment, or decide to take part in the fun. Susan’s 12 of 12 blog has been a long-time recipient of this shameful behavior. I happened upon this gem quite a while ago, secretly admiring everyone’s pages, hoping to one day get my act together and join the party. Since it’s obvious that I’ll never get my act together, I decided now is as good a time as any.

The concept is simple: take 12 pictures on the 12th day of every month (or the months you choose… or what will probably be my case, the months you remember to do it). Then scrap ’em.
With this month’s 12th day falling on a workday, and one on which I had no errands to run, places to go, or people to see, this is a real (scary) glimpse into the mundane (also called my life).
Note: I’m not a huge digital scrapbooker; I much prefer to use my scissors and adhesive, but I hate printing pictures at home. So if I need a LO in a snap, digi it is.
Journaling reads:
1) Finished half of my weekly to-dos by Hump Day morning. 2) With no recycled toilet paper to be found, we had to order some. 3) Chex Mix: my favorite mid-morning snack. 4) Spent way too much time leveling reading passages. 5) How I love getting mail (even if it’s out of control)! 6) In the mail: a Forget-Me-Not pin to wear in the Memory Walk. 7) I’m addicted to these now, thanks to Nina. 8) Time for an All My Children lunch break! 9) Seeing my trip to Portugal on the calendar helps me get through the mid-day slump. 10) I reached 4,000 tweets today. 11) My date with Harry Potter never comes fast enough. 12) Mimi time!
Scrapbooking, for me, is all about documenting life, even the usual and boring. This is a super fun way to do that.

3 thoughts on “12 of 12”

  1. Cheryl – GREAT JOB!!! Woo hoo – I'm so glad you came out of “lurkdom” and took part this month!

    And you're our FIRST RESPONDER I think…rock on girl!!!

    Great pictures, great jornaling – and that's what it's all about – documenting LIFE!!!


  2. Great layout!!! And I love this idea..I have to check it out! But I am such a horrible procrastinator. I know taking the pictures won't be hard for me..I probably do that already most days. Getting around to printing and scrapping them, though…that's a while 'nother story! lol


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