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Tweet x 4000

I’ve always known that I was addicted to Twitter, but I don’t think I realized the extent of my addiction until today. In 13 months, I’ve managed to rack up 4,000 tweets.

As I found out from TweetStats, my addiction has grown exponentially from last year.
When people question my twittering, it’s easy for me to defend. Working from home, it comprises the majority of my socialization during the workday, as is evident from the following two graphs that show 1) I tweet most often during the workday, and 2) more than 60% of my tweets are conversational with other tweeps.
It’s no surprise that the majority of my conversations take place with IRL (in real life) friends.
So what in the world am I tweeting about?
It appears as though I LOL a lot (shocker). And apparently I remember to say thanks (my mom will be proud of my manners).
I also talk a lot about reality TV and vampires (another huge surprise). Oh, but look! I “bookend” a lot, which is a work strategy, so that’s good, right? (Let’s overlook the RPattz tweets, shall we?)
So what’s with the tweet analysis, you ask? First and foremost, I’m a dork, so I love to analyze things (and I love pretty graphs). Secondly, I was curious as to what in the world I’ve been tweeting so much about. Now I know. And while knowing is half the battle, don’t expect me to ease up on the tweeting anytime soon. I think I’ll go tweet this blog post…
Tweet, tweet!

5 thoughts on “Tweet x 4000”

  1. I just did this and my top five words tweeted were: think, really, thanks, know, love

    This was fun! I have been on Twitter for a year and have almost 3400 tweets so not too far behind you. I go through spurts. Sometimes I tweet constantly and other times days go by and I'm hardly on there. I do think it is a great outlet for work at home/stay at home moms to get that interaction with adults, even if it is most silly stuff.

    Thanks again for the link love on today's eye candy post. 🙂


  2. This post is SO ME! I have got to do this. I am just over the 3100 mark and have been thinking a lot about the nature of my tweets too recently. I'll have to go do some analysis sometime soon. I would like to think the content of my tweets is reflective of my life…little work, little mommy, little hobby, little whatever. But, who knows. Sometimes I realize I think my tweets have gone sour – meaning, perhaps I'm sounding a little too negative. Whining via tweets. I make a conscious effort in those times to change the “tone” of my tweets. I think, to me, twitter is not just a communication tool, but a tool for metacognition, too. ?? just thinking aloud… Thanks for the post!


  3. I have the same addiction! And I use the “work from home” excuse too! Perhaps we could start a twitter addict support group. We could hold meetings via twitter???


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