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Scrapbooking LOAD complete!

This, in addition to my new position at work, is what’s kept me from blogging as much in May. I started Lain’s LOAD (layout a day) challenge on May 1, and while there were days when it was difficult to find time to scrapbook, I pushed through and now have 31 layouts to show for it. They’re not all winners, but I’m proud of myself nonetheless. (As you may notice from the slideshow, this project also opened my eyes to the wonders of digital scrapbooking! Click on the layouts for designer/supply credits.)

I can safely say that I will probably never again attempt daily scrapbooking, but it’s nice to have jump-started my albums, and I hope to continue a layout-a-week tradition.

2 thoughts on “Scrapbooking LOAD complete!”

  1. OK, so I'm seriously behind in my blog reading – but just took a few minutest to get caught up on the Second Glantz. I LOVE YOUR PAGES! I'm not a big scrapbooker, but I love the fresh look of your pages – and the creative spin you took using your tweets! Very cool! When are you coming to visit and raid my pictures to do some pages for me? (Seriously – when are you coming to Florida again?)


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