Take a Second Glantz at these Two Florida Girls

For once, I am shamelessly bragging about someone other than myself (shocker, I know).

If you are a hot-beverage drinker or gadget-carrying soul (and who isn’t these days?), then you need to check out my friend Amy and the new Etsy shop she and her sister opened, Two Florida Girls. Their coffee cozies are my favorite (even though I don’t drink coffee) because:
1) they are reusable (no more throwing away countless paper strips),
2) they are stylish (I, of course, ordered the FL Gator pattern for my hot tea and apple cider purchases), and
3) it easily fits in your purse so you have it whenever the mood for a hot beverage strikes.
All product images from Two Florida Girls Etsy Shop.
If you’re not a coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or apple cider drinker, (first of all, why not?) they have other products that might interest you, such a the gadget cozy to keep your cell phone, digital camera, or iPod safe. They also have fun ties for the little guy in your life and beautiful glass magnets that will add style to any refrigerator or metal filing cabinet.
Check out these Two Florida Girls today!

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