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Wordless Wednesday: Double Feature

Stacy Julian’s Library of Memories class at Big Picture Scrapbooking starts again tomorrow…YAY! I took this class for the first time last year after reading Stacy’s The Big Picture. It completely revolutionized the way I scrapbook, and I’m thrilled to take it again this year as an alumna. In addition to learning a system that is completely freeing (aka you’ll never again utter the words, “I’m so behind”), the community of which you become part is AWESOME. I can’t wait to reconnect with other alum and meet new friends as well. Here is a pic of my personal Library of Memories that I set up last year.

The other thing I’m excited about today is the weather. No snow, no ice, and 55 degrees make for a happy FL-to-PA transplant. This is a pic of our front walkway/yard which I have not seen for over a month (yes, dead grass is sad looking but it beats shoveling over a foot of snow).

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Double Feature”

  1. OK, my darling Cheryl…you know I love you,right? So you’ll know that I’m saying this in the most loving of ways possible….YOU DISGUST ME! Your albums are even cute FROM THE SPINES! I have a few albums from my days before children and they’re stuffed in a drawer under envelopes of school pictures and holiday cards. And those are the LUCKY pictures made that actually made it to being printed!!! Most of them are stuck in the revolving screen saver on my desktop (around which we all huddle together frequently and coo at the cute baby pics). Perhaps when they’re in college I’ll get around to album-making. On a separate note, it’s amazing how much your grass resembles mine! Unfortunately, I don’t have a good reason (snow/ice). Well, it did get down below freezing a good handful of nights here…


  2. I’m in LOM for the first time. I started reading Photo Freedom last year and started (although I’m not sure that’s really accurate, but I’ll say it none the less!). Your albums are SOOO CUUUTE!!! I love seeing what other folks are doing!!


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