I’m it!

Margie, my scrapping buddy and fellow Twihard, from Oh Bumble Me tagged me with a fun and easy meme.

All I have to do is open my 6th picture folder and post the 6th picture in it.
Please don’t let it be embarrassing, please don’t let it be embarrassing…
This is a pic from the 4th of July in 2006. Our friends’ son was in charge of the fireworks and did everyone proud.
Okay, now all I have to do is tag 6 peeps to do the same.
You’re IT:
  1. Samantha at Things Best Not Repeated
  2. Jenny at Neurotic, Yet Classy
  3. Amy at Life as I Know It
  4. Jenn at Feeling Geeky
  5. Rachel at Following in My Shoes
  6. Becky at Unleash the Likeliness (dust it off with an easy one, babe)

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