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Doing a little improvising

Sorry for the Project 365 overload. Participants have been sharing ideas, and the easiest way for me to do this is via my blog. I promise I’m working on a non-365-related post for those of you not interested in this.

Since I was not among the 4,000 people to take advantage of the Creating Keepsakes Project 365 kit, I’m doing a little improvising. Thanks to Becky Higgins and her team, the journaling and divider cards are available for download. I printed all the cards I need for the project on cardstock today and will cut them out while I catch-up on my soap operas this weekend.  🙂

I opted for the We R Memories 6-up 4×6, 3-ring page protectors. This will allow me to showcase four photos and four journaling cards (two can fit in one 4×6 slot) on each page.
After hemming and hawing, I finally decided on the 7 Gypsies Naked Binder so that I can customize the cover to my taste.
I’m hoping to do the skeletal work (e.g., placing the dividers) once I get my materials. The plan is to keep up with my journaling weekly and print the photos monthly. We’ll see, though. You know what they say about the best-laid plans.

2 thoughts on “Doing a little improvising”

  1. Fab improvising Cheryl!!! I really love those 7Gypsy Naked Binders – I have a few I need to dress up 🙂I still am not sure if I was one of the ‘lucky ones’, lol! I was charged, but still haven’t received a ship notice 😦 I keep forgetting to call – must add that to the never-ending list of things to-do tomorrow 😉TFS!!!


  2. Oh, good luck!!! I thought about participating to be honest I’m lucky I actually pack a lunch for Holly every day, let alone record and journal about it. Kinda lame for a blogger, huh? 😉 I expect to see pics of the progress.


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