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I’ve been tagged

My friend Jenny at Neurotic, Yet Classy tagged me with a meme. I’m supposed to share seven things you never needed to know about me. While I’m flattered to have been tagged, I’m admittedly struggling to think of seven things to share. Oh, I have juicy tidbits, some of which might even shock you, but if I wanted you all to know about them, you would already.  🙂

Okay, here goes nothing…
1. When I was little, I would only finger paint with popsicle sticks. Yes, I realize that this defeats the purpose of finger painting, but while most kids love permission to get dirty, I wasn’t so into it. Truth be told, I’m still a little OCD about my hands. It’s kind of funny actually since I love to scrapbook and thus use my hands to create all the time. But I guess that’s why I choose tape-like adhesive over glue. I don’t freak if I get paint or glue on my hands, but I do head to the nearest sink as soon as possible after the crafty liquid lands there.
2. I’m ambidextrous. I used to write with my left hand. I found I had to switch, though, if I was going to learn cursive with the rest of my peers. The majority of my brain made the switch since I was so young, but there are still a few things I prefer to do with my left hand, and my left hand can still do almost anything my right hand can do just as well. Except for cursive.
3. I met (just long enough to take this picture) Kaysar and Diane from Big Brother 7.
I was at the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles with my friend Ashlea when I spied a group of Big Brother All-Stars across the street. I stared at them for a good long while and finally decided to be an obnoxious groupie when Ashlea called me chicken $#*&. Yeah, being one of those people was definitely worth this pic. And it should be noted that Kaysar and Diane were really cool about it.
4. I dropped out of college. (The first time, I guess I should clarify in case my colleagues are lurking.) My husband argues that it wasn’t really dropping out because I went back and finished. But there’s really no other way you can describe what I did. I just up and left in the middle of my second semester my sophomore year. I was attending UNC Charlotte (go 49ers!) and was having a pretty good time when the bottom fell out. There was way too much on my plate to begin with, and then when a close friend from high school died, I had more than I could take. I called my parents to drop the bombshell on them that I was D-O-N-E and was gone in a few days without ever looking back. The story ended happily a few years later when I graduated as a Florida Gator. And in addition to growing a lot from the experience, I was able to use the story to help a few students I would later teach.
5. I’m a perfectionist. Not necessarily a bad thing. Except that it is sometimes crippling (I’ll probably reread this entry at least ten times before I post it). At times it prevents me from even starting something. They (whoever they are) say that knowing is half the battle (hm, maybe they is GI Joe in this case). I know that I’m a perfectionist. And I even accept it. But I have yet to figure out a way to overcome it.
Only two more. Hurrah!
6. I listen to Evanescence at least once a day. Sometimes I even listen to my Evanescence playlist on repeat – several times. I never tire of it. And it has a weird way of calming me. A little bit of metal, a little bit of goth, and the haunting voice of Amy Lee? How can you go wrong? And her piano playing! There are very few things I wouldn’t give to be able to play piano like that.
Drumroll, please…
7. I married my teacher. This is the most scandalous thing you’ll read about me here, so enjoy. I returned to UF in 2001 to get my master’s degree. When I got there, I found a handsome teaching assistant who, upon first sight, I somehow knew I was going to marry. A few months later, we found ourselves wanting to date, knowing it was against the rules, not to mention completely unethical. Fortunately, there were only a few weeks left to the semester. Of course, that doesn’t mean we waited (neither of us are big fans of delayed gratification). We secretly dated for a little while, and then finally “came out” to our professors who were all-too eager to rearrange things so that we could date without any questions being raised. Two years later, we were happily engaged. And all of our professors were at our wedding.
So as I understand it, I’m now supposed to tag a few bloggy friends. AshleyAmyBecky, and Steve are IT!

2 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged”

  1. I love your post! 1. You remind me of my daughter — she hates getting messy. In fact, me, too. 🙂2. So is my hubbie! Funny! He does the things you get TAUGHT to do (write, pitch, etc.) with right hand and the things that come naturally (eat, brush teeth, etc.) with left hand. Also, being a teacher of third grade — your teacher should have learned to teach lefties handwriting. I can! 🙂4. Me too! Except, her death came after my return. I dropped out after meeting my lovely husband…we had a bit too much fun and I sort of quit going to class before I formally quit. M & D said “you're comin' home!”…so I went.7. Too cool! I'm proud of you — you sneaky gal! 🙂 I've said it before, I'll say it again: Boys are the only thing that ever got me in trouble! A cute one is hard to pass up!


  2. Two things, 1. Yay for being back in the blogosphere, and 2. I wish I was a perfectionist about posting. My sister told me I misspelled something two days after I posted it. And I’d sent her a DRAFT first. ::: sigh :::


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