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101 things to do in 1001 days…

After several months of reading people’s lists of 101 things they want to do in 1001 days, I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own “101 in 1001” project.

I thought coming up with 101 things to do would be easy since my to-do list, like everyone’s, is forever growing. Much to my surprise, though, it took me several weeks to come up with a list with which I could be satisfied. The hardest part was finding things that have a measurable outcome. I had to distinguish between finite goals and resolutions. I also had to find the line between the things I would do on my own and those things I want to do that require a little push. Thus, my project consists of finite, measurable goals that I need external motivation to accomplish. “You need external motivation to go to the movies?” you might be saying. As weird as you think it might be for some of these tasks to be included on my list, each one is on there for a reason. And hopefully this project will help make some of those things become lifelong habits. As I work on completing each goal, I will, of course, be blogging about it.
My project starts today, December 6, 2008 and will continue until September 3, 2011.
And now for the list. Drumroll please…
Relationship Enhancement
1. Write a love letter to my hubby.
2. Go on a monthly date with my hubby for one year. (0/12)
3. Go on a vacation with my hubby.
4. Complete family tree.
5. Request/collect family stories and pictures from my relatives for a heritage album.
6. Write a letter of gratitude to my Grams.
7. Call or email a non-immediate family member each month for one year. (0/12)
8. Send a “just because” card to one person each month for one year. (0/12)
9. Write a letter of gratitude to a mentor.
10. Write a letter of appreciation to someone I admire.

Spirituality Development
11. Read The Bible – both testaments.
12. Read one of my many books about Judaism.
13. Join the local synagogue.
14. Attend synagogue every Friday night for one month. (0/4)
15. Have a Shabbat dinner.
16. Host a seder.
17. Observe Passover.
18. Have a Rosh Hashanah dinner.
Personal Enrichment
19. Write a gratitude journal entry or letter once/month (0/33)
20. Perform a random act of kindness.
21. Volunteer once/year. (0/3)
22. Learn and use one new word/week for one year. (0/52)
23. Participate in a book club.
24. Take a language class.
25. Take a photography class.
26. Take a cooking class.
27. Take a cake decorating class.
28. Write an article or review and submit to a magazine or journal.
29. Read The Lord of the Rings.
30. Finish the Harry Potter series. (0/2)
31. Read The World According to Garp.
32. Read a Margaret Atwood book.
33. Read a Paulo Coelho book.
34. Read five classics. (0/5)
35. Read a classic play never before read.
36. Read one book/month [or the equivalent, not including above listed]. (0/33)
37. Watch The English Patient.
38. Watch The Matrix.
39. Watch all five seasons of Six Feet Under [in order]. (0/5)
40. Go to the movies ten times. (0/10)
41. Watch a movie rental that my hubby picks.
42. Try to make Grannie Nail’s cake recipe.
43. Try to make Grannie Roberson’s apple pie.
44. Try to make sushi.
45. Try to bake bread.
46. Try one new recipe each month for one year. (0/12)

47. Pay off car.
48. Pay off UNCC loan.
49. Pay off credit card.
50. Save money for the holidays through a “Christmas Club.”
51. Update/organize contacts in computer address book.
52. Update/organize birthday/anniversary calendar.
53. Purge/update/organize iTunes library.
54. Purge/update/organize iPod.
55. File/organize digital scrapbooking elements.
56. Update/organize internet bookmarks.
57. Purge/organize personal email inbox.
58. Purge/organize work email inbox.
59. Purge/file/organize digital files.
60. Purge/file paper documents, bills, etc.
Home Improvement
61. Paint the kitchen cabinets.
62. Buy a dining room table.
63. Plant flowers.
Creative Productivity
64. Respond to a writing prompt once per week. (0/143)
65. Participate in NaNoWriMo.
66. Redesign my blog.
67. Develop a system for doing custom scrapbooking for others.
68. Evaluate aforementioned system by creating a custom scrapbook for a friend.
69. Finish my crafting website.
70. Learn to knit and knit a scarf.
71. Learn to use my sewing machine and sew something.
72. Play with Wreck this Journal.
73. Submit a photo to a contest or gallery exhibit.
74. Make a shadow box.
75. Create an inspiration notebook.
76. Organize digital pictures.
77. Backup digital pictures.
78. Print digital pictures.
79. Scan/backup negatives/prints.
80. Organize prints in storage binders [Library of Memories system].
81. Triage prints into category drawers [Library of Memories system].
82. Organize memorabilia.
83. Backup important personal writing/memorabilia.
84. Create and finish our wedding scrapbook.
85. Create and finish a scrapbook for Israel trip.
86. Make 101 scrapbook layouts for my Library of Memories. (0/101)
87. Enter a call for scrapbook layout submissions.
88. Send holiday cards BEFORE Christmas/Chanukah.
89. Send holiday care packages [e.g., to troops, needy children, etc].
90. Send Valentine’s, Easter, and Halloween cards/gifts to our nieces. (0/8)
91. Make and send cards for a nontraditional holiday.
92. Set aside $5 for every birthday missed and donate to charity at end of 1001 days.
For Me
93. Buy myself flowers.
94. Buy myself a 30th birthday present.
95. Take myself on a date.
96. Write a letter to my younger or future self.
Just for Fun
97. Complete a crossword puzzle [with no help].
98. Send a postcard to Postcrossing.
99. Send a secret to PostSecret.
100.Go on a hike.
101. Go on a picnic.
Inspired to start your own 101 in 1001 project? Get started here.

6 thoughts on “101 things to do in 1001 days…”

  1. I love your list!! There are so many of those projects that would be on my own list — including “Read an Atwood book.” I have tried and tried to read a few of her books, but I just can’t get into any of her works!


  2. I like the new look of your blog and I think I need to make a similar list! This is a great idea! I think I will start on it soon! Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. How long did it take you to write this list??? Oh. My. Gosh. I feel brain dead just reading it! Wow. I’m not sure if I will try to write one or not. I like it, but am intimidated by it! 🙂


  4. Love your list. You’re inspiring me to start one of my own. Here’s a suggestion, though. If you learn digital scrapbooking you can make a digital photo album (scrapbook) and scratch off #84-87 WITHOUT the need to do #78! Just a suggestion….I know lots of people don’t want to give up the paper, scissors, and glue. If you are interested, check out some of my scrapbooker-for-hire work at http://www.webajeb.com. Have fun with your list!


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