life update

January 2008 Highlights

January’s Top Ten (in chronological order)

1. While Allan and I were very disappointed with Dick Clark’s countdown this year, we had a fabulous time celebrating with friends at dinner and telling the West Coast gang that there would indeed be flying cars and jet packs in 2008.

2. I finally got rid of my holiday cold, only to get it again. The second round put me out of commission for a few days, but at least I got to spend a lot of quality time with my Mimi.

3. Allan and I finally got to see our favorite D-list celebrity, Kathy Griffin, live!

4. I finally saw Sweeney Todd on the big screen (and did a pretty decent job of not singing along, although my foot was constantly tapping).

5. After making a disaster of my mom’s turkey meatloaf the first time I tried it, I picked my pride out of the garbage (where the first one quickly wound up) and made a second attempt, which was much more successful and delicious. Yum-O!

6. After living in our house for almost two years, we finally framed and hung our family photos.


8. I proudly cast my ballot for a female presidential candidate.

9. I signed up for my first online scrapbooking class and, as a result, created my first altered clipboard.

10. I became a guitar hero. 🙂

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