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The Time of My Life

My friend and I went to see Dirty Dancing in the theater on May 2. Having had the time of my life (pun totally intended), I just had to create a scrapbook page about it!

Journaling reads:

1987. Dirty Dancing is born. Twenty years later on May 2, I saw one of my favorites reborn on the big screen. Though I have watched the movie countless times and can recite almost every line and lyric (especially the Mickey and Sylvia scene thanks to the numerous replays at Jen C’s slumber party during my senior year of high school), seeing it in the theater was like watching it for the first time. From singing along to the Kellerman’s Anthem (complete with hand gestures, of course!) to applauding the most famous line, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” I (along with the gaggles of females in the audience who represented at least three generations) found myself captivated with a big, stupid grin of my face ready to watching it again almost as soon as it ended. Thank goodness the 20th anniversary DVD will be available next Tuesday!

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