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my very first post…

Should writing a post for my blog be this intimidating? So I feel pressure to have a topic for my first post. Here it goes. Today I paid $7 plus tip to have somebody pour hot wax on my eyebrows and then rip the hair (and inevitably some skin) from them. I’ve done this ever since “my beautiful stranger” introduced me to the strange ritual of masochism in college. Mind you, I was completely sober. For seven years, I have not only been paying somebody to do this to me; I have also actually been budgeting for this bit of pampering. And there it is. That word that didn’t strike me as funny until I was walking back to my car with red, puffy blotches where my eyebrows used to be: pampering. I actually consider this ritual an act of pampering! When did it stop being an obligation and start being something that I actually look forward to? “Ooh, ooh, is it time to wax my eyebrows yet?” How did we ever get started with this ridiculous tradition of going to any lengths to remove perfectly natural hair? Apparently I’m not the only one who wondered this… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hair_removal. Did I mention that my waxer (is that what you call her?) asked if I wanted both of them done? No, I’d like to have one hairless eye and one that can be covered with a braid, please.

Stream-of-consciousness and a reference to Wikipedia in my first post…sorry…but don’t say I didn’t warn you! At least I managed to get through an entire post without a bad pun :))

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